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Indian Heartbeat Devotional Songs Parade

Here are some very meaningful ‘bakthi’ songs that actually bring out the very gist of Sanathana Dharma or more popularly known as Hinduism.

Aandavaneh Ellaiyeh – Do not be surprised by the very first verse that says there is no god. The poet is not an atheist; he goes on to say that there is no one comparable to Thillai Nadarajah.

Aathi Antham Ella Arutjhothiyeh – Here god is potrayed as Light.

Ambalatharaseh Arul Virunthey – A song written by Saint Ramalingam of Vadalore.

A scene from the movie ‘Thiru Arutselvar’depicting the last moments of Saint Thirunavukarasar  before he merges with god.

Arulvaayeh Nee Arulvaayeh Thiruvaai Malarnthu Arulvaayeh – A beautiful prayer, a meaningful yet a very simple prayer, if only we could adopt it in life.

Arutjhoti Deivam Yennai Aandukonda Deivam – Praises to god from Saint Ramalingam.

Another version of the above song – Part 1      Part 2

Arutperum jhoti Agaval by Saint Ramalingam – The full version is 1596 lines written in one night.

Praises to Saint Ramalingam.

Songs by Saint Ramalingam .        Paarthaalum Ninaithalum .            Varuvaar Alaithu Vaadi.

The last sermon by Saint Ramalingam before he merge with god in Sidhivalagam in Methukuppam, S.India in 1874.

A devotee laments to god – Bhagavaneh Mounam Yehnoh.

Nandanar (one of the 63 Nayanmars) begs of his master to allow him to go to Thillai or Chidambaram as it is known now, to visit Thillai Nadaraja’s temple.

Another version to this song sang by Swami Haridos Giri.

A devotional duet

Chidambara Swami’s reminder to awaken to the existence of god before one is disposed of at the graveyard.

Saint Ramalingam’s prayer asking that the lord show himself.

Another version of this song.

A song in praise of Lord Siva.

A nadodi has some sound advice for the householder.

Nandanar reminds his people to reach godhead In this very life.

A song from the movie on Saint Thiruneelakandar. He approaches a Swamini for guidance to subdue his senses and is given a mantra- Neelakandam.

Nandanar praises the lord.           

Another song by Nandanar.

A song on the sidhas.

Thiru Gnana Sambanthar is with this song from the movie ‘Thiru Arutselvar’.

A prayer at dawn by the playback singer AM Raja.

When Nandanar visits a Siva temple in his neighbourhood, he is disappointed that the hugh nandhi or bull was hindering his view of the lord. He begs the lord that he should see him in full view. Surprisingly the nandhi moves.

Swami Haridos renders this traditional song.     

Another song  known as Nadarajar Pathu.        More verses- Maan Ade.   Kadal Yendra           Taayaar Erunthum Yenna      Ennamum Sollavoh

More songs- Pullai piranthalum

A hermit advises Vedan Kanappa (one of the 63 Nayanmars)  to overcome the pull of maya or delusion in this song from the movie ‘Vedan Kanappa’.

Another song set in the same tune from the movie ‘ Sri Valli’.

Thiru Venkadar (before he was known as Pathinathar) laments his son’s safety in the rough seas and begs that the lord bring him home safe.

Saint Arunagiri is blessed with a vision of lord Murugan and is instructed to sing songs in praise of the lord.  The first word is given by the lord himself.

Another song by Saint Arunagiri in praise of lord Murugan in Palani.

Chidambara Swami reminds us again of the need to grab the lord’s feet before it is too late.

Pathinathar sings the man’s journey from birth till death and reminds us of our search for the lord.

After travelling miles spreading the word of the lord, Saint Avvai finally meets the lord.

 Part 1- She explains that this birth is sacred.                  Part 2- She explains what one has to achieve in life.     

A sidha song rendered by Tharmalinga Swami of Kolli Malai. This songs mentions the pull of the senses and how difficult it is to redeem ourselves from its hold.                    

Another sidha song.

Nandanar too like Avvai asks that he does not take rebirth.

Another song from the film Nandanar.

Nandanar reveals his gratefulness to the lord.

In this movie a sadhu sings this song that explains no one can escape the clutches of death without god’s grace.

Swami Haridos sings the praise of his guru Swami Gnanananda Giri and how his life was reformed after meeting his guru.

Saint Arunagiri in his Thiru Pugazh.

When Abhirami Pattar says to the king that it was a full moon on that night when in fact it was Amavasai, the king throws him in the dungeon and tortures Abhirami Pattar.  Pattar sings this Abhirami Andhadhi and Goddess Athiparasakthi appears in the form of a full moon to substantiate the Pattar’s word’s.

When lord Siva decides to test his disciple Thiru Neelakandar, he takes on a role of a sanyasi.  RS Manohar potrays the role of the lord in this song from the movie Thiru Neelakandar.

Actor Nagayah renders this song on lord Murugan.   

Actor Nagayah again with asong after having seen the Jhoti.

Saint Thiru Moolar’s Thirumanthiram.

When one of Patinathar’s relative abuses the saint, he becomes ill.  He is advised to see the saint for a remedy.

 AM Raja with this advice.            

AM Raja again.                   

AM Raja on lord Kannan.

Swami Haridos renders this song from the Thiru Pugazh.

A song on Christ.

A mantra on the namam of Yogi Ramsurat Kumar of Thiru Annamalai sang by the Yogi himself.

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